A 12-year old’s Thoughts on the Basketball Brouhaha

I gave my 12 year-old son a writing assignment today about the brawling incident at the Philippine Arena between the Australian basketball players and our own Gilas team members. I asked him to pen his thoughts, and after going over his essay, I felt it deserves a space in this blog. I am the Mom, so I am definitely biased. But I can say that … Continue reading A 12-year old’s Thoughts on the Basketball Brouhaha

A Not So Ordinary Day

  Basketball aficionados are going gaga today over the unfortunate event that happened last night at the Philippine Arena. This is the first time that a basketball game (and a FIBA qualifying game at that) turned into a brawl. Well, emotions got the better of the players who certainly decided to set aside sportsmanship. As my 12 year-old son puts it, “If you see a … Continue reading A Not So Ordinary Day

A Letter to My 25-year-old Self

Dear Yuppie woman, Exactly 20 years ago, you were a picture of a wide eyed college student who took her role to heart as a student.  You took the straight, albeit boring path, gave up the time to socialize and just buried yourself in the academic maze you found yourself in. Hurrah for that. Specifically, let me recount the things you did that deserve a … Continue reading A Letter to My 25-year-old Self

When Cancer Strikes

An acquaintance.  A high school batch mate.  A college friend.  A church mate and close friend.  And now a family member. Over the last six years or so, I have witnessed how the big C has ravaged once healthy and vibrant bodies of beautiful women close to my heart. Seeing them wasting away when once they were a picture of vitality brought a sinking, unexplainable … Continue reading When Cancer Strikes